Ten Tips for a ‘Sexy’ CV

Do you choose a different CV structure for an on-line CV? If so, should you include CV buzzwords to ensure your CV is easily found?

1. Give your CV some “personality”.

Avoid those profiles sections at all costs. These are too self-orientated and convey a very lazy approach to CV writing. Remember, most candidates can say that they are ambitious, motivated and well-educated so the trick is to go one stage further than this.

If you can demonstrate your personal qualities throughout your CV, you will automatically increase your attractiveness as a candidate. You need to make yourself seem special and different by conjuring up a picture of yourself. Choose words applicable to you, words that reflect something about you as a person. Avoid words such as “responsible” or “involved” but use active words which communicate what you are like as a person. Be honest about yourself, focus on your strengths and answer the how, what, when and where questions and your personality will be communicated to the reader.

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