Should You Add a Short CV Personal Statement at the Top of Your CV?

Including a short personal statement at the beginning of your CV has proved popular in recent years. In the past recruitment consultants used to type up a brief description of the candidate before sending it to a client. Many continue to do this.

With more and more applications being made on line, job hunters began to incorporate a detailed personal statement section. However, there is a big difference between a third-party such as a professional recruitment consultant writing a personal statement than writing one yourself.

If you write your own personal statement it has no credibility. It simple states your opinions. It therefore adds no value to your CV layout. For instance, if you describe yourself as being “Hard working and conscientious”, who’s to say that you are?

There are far more effective ways to sell your benefits on your CV than including a personal statement. To find out how and to develop your CV writing skills, start by having your current CV professionally reviewed.

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