Learn How to Write the Perfect CV

CV writing is a very specialised type of writing. CV writing is designed to sell, promote and showcase all your career experience. A good CV helps you to boost your job prospects and confidence. If you are not being selected for jobs that you feel that you are qualified to do then you need to take positive action.

If you feel that you need some advice on your CV you can invest in a CV review for just £19.99. You will receive feedback on its overall look, accuracy, content, effectiveness, style and personality. Your CV will be assessed by Sarah Berry, author of ‘Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend’ or one of her trained consultants.

A CV writing package will show you how to structure your CV into a clear CV format and how to sell your strengths and passion for what you do. A CV writing package will also show you how to promote your reputation so that it is easier for you to close the gap between where you are career wise and where you want to be.

Our CV writers are often HR professionals or specialists in their professional field. They are used to writing copy and selling an individual’s personal brand. They can write a professional, technical, up-beat, positive and assertive CV that will beat the competition in your field of work. Their job is to sell you into your new job.

Your new look CV will identify your value, worth and your level of expertise. In addition we all offer career advice via podcasts to help you to sell your benefits at the interview and to take your career to the next level. A CV writing package with us is more than just a CV, it is a career package which will deliver positive results for you.

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