What CV Structure Should You Choose?

Do you for instance choose to include a CV personal profile section? Do you include your hobbies on your CV? Should you include a section with references?

Do you choose a different CV structure for an on-line CV? If so, should you include CV buzzwords to ensure your CV is easily found?

First and foremost, you need to decide the benefits you offer the employer. Identify what the employer’s need is by reading the job advertisement or job description carefully. To identify the employer’s need you will need to view the job advertisement and pick out the key skills that they are looking for. Include both technical skills and person skills such as presentation skills.

List your skills under the relevant CV headings and choose CV key words that are commonly searched by employers.

Our CV creator takes you through this process in detail or you can purchase a copy of Sarah Berry’s best-selling CV book “Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend” that includes plenty of CV examples.

Once you have listed all your skills on your CV, you need to underpin these skills with your CV achievements. CV achievements need to be listed chronologically and concisely. Use CV action words to make them memorable.

The CV writing process may sound challenging and hard work. It is a skill and something well worth investing in. To experience the difference, why not invest in a CV assessment today in which we will show you the difference that having a perfect CV can make to your career and job prospects?

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