Sarah Berry’s Best Selling CV Book is Packed Full of Sample CVs

A CV sample is an example of a perfect CV template. It will give you information about how to structure your CV, what information to include and exclude and most importantly how to sell yourself to prospective employers.

There are plenty of free CV samples on the Internet but you will only have to invest a few pounds in order to receive valuable CV samples. Sarah Berry gives plenty of CV samples in her best-selling CV book, ‘Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend’ and offers you a CV sample by completing the on-line CV builder software.

£9.99 plus P+P

If you follow and copy a CV sample or if you use a CV template you have to ensure that you personalise the information and make it relevant to you. A good CV takes a lot of time and effort to write and produce. Realise that you may need three or four different versions of your CV in order to sell yourself effectively.

The worst part of losing out on a job is that your CV is one aspect over which you have complete control. If your CV fails to showcase your skills and value then you are doing yourself a grave disservice.

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