Do You Include Your Interests on Your CV?

Your interests are personal to you and it is essential that you leave them off your CV. You do not want to give the impression to your prospective employer that you have lots of time-consuming personal interests.

Personal interests are often a way for an employer to find objections to taking you on. For example, an employer could be worried about your career ambitions, your sickness level or your commitment to your job if you have too many or a time consuming hobby. It is therefore best to play it safe and to focus on the job in the CV and the interview.

It is rare that you will find that your boss has the same personal interests as you so steer on the side of caution and focus on selling what the employer is going to be paying you for – your job performance.

The key is to focus on your profession and selling your field of expertise in the CV format. The CV structure needs to have a work rather than a