How to Choose a CV Layout

There are plenty of CV layouts and CV templates to choose from. Do you for instance choose to have a CV personal profile section at the top of your CV? Do you include in your CV your interests and hobbies? Do you include in your CV, references?

There are plenty of websites that include free CV examples and free CV templates but which CV design works best?

We have designed, created and tested a CV layout that has consistently delivered more interviews than any other CV design that we have seen over the past 20 years. We have also seen tens of thousands of CV layouts, CV designs and CV templates.

Our CV layout which was incorporated in Sarah Berry’s best-selling CV book is different. Our CV layout doesn’t include a CV personal profile nor does it include hobbies and references.

The CV layout is presented along the same lines as any good proposal. It presents the benefits of employing you and underpins your benefit statements with your achievements.

We don’t include free CV templates and free CV layouts on our website for you to copy. CV writing is a skill and we offer a number of services to meet your budget including a brilliant CV book and a CV builder that will enable you to create a professional CV design from a tried and tested CV template.

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