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The UK’s best-selling CV book packed full of CV examples

There are plenty of CV and career books on the market. You want to invest in a CV book that is guaranteed to transform your CV and ensure that your CV attracts the attention of the employer and creates opportunities for you.

Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend‘ is a CV book written by Sarah Berry. This CV book was first published in 1997 by Ward Lock and the CV book has been re-printed seven times. This CV book offers plenty of CV advice and there are plenty of CV examples in the book.

Ms London Weekly Magazine described this CV book as

Worth its weight in gold … There are loads of ‘the perfect CV’ books on the market but Sarah Berry’s Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend is different. It’s an easy read with sections on how to evaluate your CV from an employer’s viewpoint; you also have the chance to ‘grade’ your CV out of 100 possible marks. This book is well worth its money.

Institute of Analysts and Programmers described this CV book as

a simple and effective way to improve your CV and career prospects in a single weekend.

A testimonial from a client read,

‘I rewrote my CV in line with your CV book and got a new job within three weeks. After numerous rejections, I took a step forward and purchased a copy of your CV book. Within 2 weeks I had secured a new job. I will definitely recommend your CV book to friends and colleagues who are in a similar position, Thanks again’ says Colin.