CV Action Words

The types of action words to use on your CV

Action words put power and passion into your CV. It is a perfect way to sell your skills and expertise to prospective employers. Action words help the employer is visualise and understand the scale and scope of what you have delivered within your recent roles. By including action words in your CV you are ensuring that your CV has the positive impact that you want.

Active words are normally positive verbs that clearly and forcefully communicate your contribution to the job. They include words such as sold, delivered, implemented, improved and
negotiated. The list of action words is enormous. A list of action verbs and how to use them in a CV is detailed in Sarah Berry’s CV bookWrite a Perfect CV in a Weekend‘. It is very important that you include action verbs in your CV. They create a positive impression on the employer and ensure that your CV is noticed and remembered.

Most CVs do not include action words but woolly and vague terms such as ‘substantial or extensive experience’. If you want to ensure that your CV is picked out by employers you will need to sell your benefits to the employer by using action words